Le Mans Party 2018 Blog

Ladies and gentlemen Start Your Engines!!!

By: Marisa Martinez

Monica and Dean once again hosted the Le man’s party at their home on Saturday June 16th, 2018. Le Man international car race is held once a year in Le Mans France, for an exciting 24 hours.


An impromptu car show.

As we walked towards the house of our esteemed hosts we were treated to a small yet colorful  gathering of “good old fun” Machinery.


Nothing like the Red White and Blue.


A look from the other side.


Party goers were greeted at the front door with a sign that read “Race car enthusiast welcomed”!  Monica and Dean adorned their home with race car Le Mans race flags of winners from years ago.


The ominous entrance to our destination “just follow the yellow door”.


Greeted by some friends.


Adorned for the occasion.


Stories to be told.


The master chef of the festivities.


The other side of the story

Guest brought appetizers and drinks to share with everyone present. Monica prepared a delicious dinner buffet with a variety of salads, potatoes dishes, spätzle pasta, meats and assortments of sauces.  Delicious desserts were served and car race themed cupcakes.

Food and wine abound.

Le Mans party goers Locked in the excitement as they watched the 24hr. Le Man car race live on television.

The main event, and what a spectacle it was.

…Meanwhile in the other room… 

Guest could view the race from the game room or in the den room. Party goers rooted for their favorite teams and chatted about car projects and other interests.

The wall of “Memorabilia”.


Good times Good people.

Overall it was an exciting night for race car fans full of good people, good food, and good times. Once again thanks to Dean and Monica for putting this on, great  party guys.


One last look before we leave.

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