PBSCC Polar Bear Run 2019

By Warren Pierce

What do an Alfa GTV, Aston Martin Vantage, Audi TT, Barracuda, BMW, Cadillac SRX,  MGBGT and a Subaru all have in common? All these cars participated in the Polar Bear Run on Saturday Feb 16th. The rules for the run were simple, top down no heater for convertibles, windows down air conditioning on for tin tops, ice cream at the end of the run.

The unlikely trio.

Alfa in the rain: Courage

The Italian stealing the spotlight 


A British supermodel stealing the spotlight.

The unfair advantage.


Taking advantage of the nice weather we departed for a scenic drive through the outskirts of Salinas to Old Stage Road. Following Old Stage Road along the foot hills east of town past the old Kaiser plant, past ranches and houses, dodging pot holes and puddles.

The daring survivors.

After the lead car, MGBGT, almost gets wiped out by a pickup we turn right onto San Juan Grade Rd for the climb up the grade. The road is in good shape and has a nice view of the Salinas valley until we reach the San Benito County line at the crest of the grade. Things are down hill from there, pun intended, as the road is potholed and patched as it winds through the oak trees. Arriving in San Juan Bautista we have a nice lunch at Dona Esters Mexican restaurant  where ice cream is replaced by margaritas! 

Now time for the real reason we all did this.

Over all I’d say the event was a success. The turn out was good and the drive was very enjoyable (pot holes and kamikaze truck aside). Once again I want to thank everyone that participated, and of course one last round of car pictures for the road.

A rag tag group of brave men and women

Two stars sharing the spot light.

One of these things is not like the other…

Ssshh I’m a sports car!

Just enjoying the view.

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